What we do today
is what
the world will look like

Events also leave their mark. That’s why we have our guidelines,
so that we can make our events more sustainable.

Environmental protection is an opportunity
and not a burden that we have to carry.

Away with
the one-way

Even though we cannot use glasses for safety reasons, we do not use disposable cups at any of our events. The reusable cups can be cleaned and reused after use.


We produce all our banners and other decorations in such a way that they can be used at all our events, regardless of the location. In this way, we avoid unnecessary waste production after the event.

Protecting the forests

Together with Wilderness International, we offset the CO2 footprint after our events by protecting the primary tropical rainforest in Peru.

Climate neutral website

The data centers have been running on green electricity since 2008 and our website has been hosted completely climate-neutrally since 2021.

You can support us too

Use public transportation or carpooling to get to our events. You also have the option of buying Green Tickets. This allows you to participate in our climate protection projects.